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Altona Test Suite 2.0: Update 2016 (supplement) (English)

“PSO Coated v3” (FOGRA51) and “PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52)”

With the 2016 update, files and reference prints of the test forms Measure, Visual and roman16-1/2/3/4 for printing on brightened papers complement the Altona Test Suite 2.0 application kit. The data was colour converted using the ICC profiles "PSO Coated v3" (FOGRA51) and "PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52)", the reference prints were produced on moderately brightened premium coated image printing paper and highly brightened wood-free uncoated paper in accordance with the target values of the ProzessStandard Offsetdruck Revision 2016.


  • 12 reference prints of the 6 reference files Measure, Visual and roman16-1/2/3/4 for 2 standard printing conditions, DIN A3, folded in a light-proof protective cover
  • 12 reference files of the 6 test forms Measure, Visual and roman16-1/2/3/4, colour converted by "PSO Coated v3" (FOGRA51) and "PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52)“
  • Characterization data and ICC profiles for the standard printing conditions of the 2016 update plus support information
  • ECI/bvdm Gray Control Strip 2015 with technical documentation
  • Documentation in German and in English, 16 pages A4

The DVD also includes all contents of the Altona Test Suite 2.0 application kit (2013) DVD.


Some reference prints (FOGRA51) may exceed the acceptance threshold of DeltaE = 5 in magenta solid colour due to an unexpected "dark reaction" that occurred months after production. Please do not use such copies for visual and measurement comparisons with self-produced prints. Reference prints are generally not certified colour samples, especially if they have been stored for a long period of time, even in light- and dust-safe envelopes.

The update is only available to customers who already own the Altona Test Suite 2.0 application kit (2013). Once an order has been placed, we will therefore request the package number of the application kit via e-mail.

The Altona Test Suite 2.0 application kit + Update 2016 is available here:

Application kit German/English