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Update 2016 (that supplements your Altona Test Suite 2.0)

Update 2016: „PSO Coated v3“ (FOGRA51) and „PSO Uncoated v3 (FOGRA52)“ representing Amendment1 Draft to ISO 12647-2:2013 according to Revision 2016 of ProcessStandard Offset

You like to order a complete Altona Test Suite 2.0 incl. Update? Please, click here.

Cover No. 6 contains 6 A3 reference prints on multiple coated paper (silk matte, moderate brightened) and woodfree uncoated white paper (strong brightened)

  • ATS 2.0 Measure*
  • ATS 2.0 Visual*
  • ATS 2.0 roman16-1*
  • ATS 2.0 roman16-2*
  • ATS 2.0 roman16-3*
  • ATS 2.0 roman16-4*

as well as a DVD with

  • all contents from the DVD 2013
  • all supplements of 2016 (characterisation data and ICC profiles by ECI incl. v2/v3-DeviceLink profiles und ECI/bvdm GrayCons 2015)
  • a 16-page documentation in English and German language.

*) Some of the FOGRA51 update reference prints enclosed (envelope No. 6) may exceed the threshold of acceptance (DeltaE = 5) through a “dark reaction” occurred unexpectedly in Magenta ink. Who will discover such copies, please, do not longer use them for visual and colorimetric match with those digital proof prints and offset prints which you will have been generated from the PDF/X-4 test form files. In general, reference prints should not be regarded as certified colour charts/samples, most notably if they were stored for a long time, even in light- and dust-safe envelopes.

Format: 1 envelope with 12 optical brightened reference prints, 1 brochure 16 pages and 1 DVD

Note: This Update 2016 may only ordered by pre-owners of ATS 2.0 2013 giving their kit number. This number will be requested by email after ordering.

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